Exploration meeting –
This is a substantive discussion of your case in order to determine the issues, your goals, timeline requirements and budget limitations. When appropriate, we will also gather specific details which may be required for the investigation, including discovery.

Tailored proposal –
We will provide a proposal, outlining the scope and potential avenues of investigation as well as your project timeline and budget. We will not exceed the agreed upon budget without prior approval.

Investigation –
We will create an investigation plan and conduct an objective, methodical inquiry into your matter. An investigation usually includes Internet and database research, data analysis, identification and location of witnesses and sources, interviews, scene investigation and an examination of evidence. Our objective is to uncover or verify critical, material facts and provide you with actionable information. We connect the dots to facilitate a clear understanding of the findings. When appropriate, we will provide conclusions and recommendations.

Reports –
We deliver results with timely, professional reports, suitable for distribution.

Philosophy –
First and foremost, we are mindful that we represent the client and that our actions reflect directly upon the client. We operate within the law and in an ethical manner to provide objective and independent investigations.

We cannot be everything to everyone. If your needs are not within the scope of our service, we will do our best to refer you to another expert.